Reading the signs

There are signs all around us giving us indications as to what has happend, but also, what is about to. Our interpretation and understanding will determine how we percieve and act upon them.
  • Each track we spot indicates a sign of life. Another being has come this way, crossed your path, do you see it, can you identify it, relate to it and its needs? Who is the preditor, who the hunted?
"When I felt the sensation of loss and the feeling that my three horses were no longer close, I ran through the valley, to check their whereabouts. I noticed heavy tire tracks, a deep line in the dust and hoove prints that suddenly ended . I could read the events as if reading the script from a book. My three horses had been forced in to a horsebox and driven away, stolen!" (in the mountains of Leon, Spain 2008). 
Extract from Eric's book: "Der Wiedereinsteiger".


  • You learn ability to tune in on your senses
  • You learn attentiveness to small and important detail
  • You learn to be open minded and alert
  • You learn to be present
  • Now listen to your inner voice and trust the first impulse (gutt feeling)
  • With awareness and consciousness and can rely on your instinct
How long have you known this sign? Had you ever noticed the arrow?
We offer to help you reach a higher level of awareness. (Click on foto for solution.)

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