Birthday Parties

"The Great Spirit
is our Father, but the
Earth is our Mother."
Big Thunder Wabanaki Algonquin

From all the sects and religions I have studied on my way, the saddest I found to be, are those that do not celebrate a birthday.
  • Forest events & Walderlebnisse offer attractive action packed birthday parties with Survival lessons that include: 
  • Identifying edible plants, martial art for self defence, bow and arrow making and archery. With detailed knowledge of first-aid using natural healing plants and methods. 
A twin birthday party with Tom, Ian, Danial and Laura, in the forest location. Opfikon, Zurich, November 2018.

The Mentoring

  • We meet at one of our established locations or one preferred locally to where you live / work.
  • In the Talking Circle we introduce one to another.
  • The mentors introduce tools and instruct on their safe use and on medical first aid, with plants from the natural surroundings.
  • Wood is gathered and a fire lit, using various methods from old to new.
  • Local wood is found for our bows and arrows, the fun begins!
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