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Eric Alan Westacott
Eric Alan WestacottEric, a fully licenced Financial Planning Consultant for Allied Dunbar (Zurich Financial Services UK) until 1994 when he moved to the reinsurance sector and worked internationally as a trainer and marketing consultant deployed in the Middle East, South East Asia and Central Europe for Swiss Re Life & Health. Swiss Re participated in the Twin Tower insurance consortium and after the events of 9/11, Eric left the industry and walked over 1000 miles on the St. James way to find a new direction in life. The journey home took over 10 years, in that time he lead a seven horse caravan through northern Spain, he crossed through the Sahara desert and then lived with native tribes in the Amazonas rain forest, studying Ayahuaska vision quests ceremonies. Eric served in the Swiss army as Lance Corporal, armed medic in the Mob Spit Kp 43/1unit as intensive care specialist. In his opinion, the covid-19 was a huge scam! Link to his story  (German text only)  


The Swiss army training has given me a solid background to deal with the out- door environment. I have 1000 miles walking experience on the St. James' way through Europe.

My position as manager, consultant and trainer for the insurance and reinsurance firms and my ten years living in the wilderness equip me with many useful tools and insights. I know now share them with you.

"Have you ever considered getting out of the system? I did it, my advice to you: Do not! Instead, learn how to find your balance between work rest and play within the system."
Eric Westacott 
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