Companies worked with:
  • Swiss Re, Zürich
  • UBS, Zürich
  • The Grand Dolder Hotel, Zürich
  • Lexmark/IBM, Zürich
  • New York Life, New York 
  • Commercial Union, Warsaw
The Celtic meaning of ivy in the Druid Ogham (Tree Alphabet) deals with friendship and connection, it's about forming a bond with joy.
Personal testimonies:

“The New York events of 9/11 transformed the lives of thousands of people, perhaps, millions, some in unexpected ways. One life affected was that of Eric Westacott, who then worked at Swiss Re, the reinsurance company that was involved in picking up some of the enormous bill. He walked over 1000 miles and then hid for 5 years in a deserted village, high in the mountains of Leon, Spain. He predicted the financial crash of 2008 and now focuses on reuniting people with nature to discover their vocation and purpose to life."

"Very few have achieved what you have by stepping out and living in nature and then returning to the system. You can now offer your knowledge to help others stay in the system and find back to their natural balance and reaching optimal potential."

"I have known Eric for over 30 years, both as a valued friend and as a businessman … over that time he has displayed superb qualities of leadership and entrepreneurship. Eric has the ability to command both loyalty and respect and he makes people feel relaxed, comfortable and is remarkably level headed and cool under pressure. He has an innate talent to get on with everyone … he is dedicated, resourceful and always open to new ideas and ways of thinking. Eric’s boundless enthusiasm is infectious and he will move mountains to deliver on his promises."
John O’Brien Director Immedia Television Communications Ltd.

"I have always found Eric to be the perfect host for interesting events across many business and social situations. Attendees at Eric’s events will definitely take something away with them and he is an unforgettable character. Eric’s unconventional personable style adds high value to any group. The term ‘Larger than Life’ was written about individuals like Eric."
Trevor Williams, Openwork Financial Services.

"Leadership & Management, was Führungskräfte bewegt:
So haben Outdoorevents im Business einen nachhaltigen Nutzen."
"Over the past years, Mr Westacott provided most valuable training to our Unit and Branch Managers. We particulary appreciate his laying stress on the ethical side of our business."
Mr. Miroslav Kovwalski, VP Commercial Union Poland

"Your professional approach and knowledge our staff found usefull and rewarding."
Danuta Walcerz, President & CEO PZU-Life, Poland

"We are proud that we could be associated with you and have seen you very closely when you were in India, in Calcutta. Words are too little to give vent to our feelings of gratitude for the ungrudging services and support extended by you. This will remain ever enshrinend in our mind."
Mr. S.Ganguly, Regional Director Life Insurance Corporation of India
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