"Money flows in the direction of value."

Each event is a unique occasion and we can deliver a bespoke programme for your needs.
  • Please call +41 77 439 55 82 or 
  • e-mail us your requirements.
  • Please note; max. 5 participants per course!,( exl. children events) 
  • All pricing subject to further negotiations, final written agreement.
  • Full course programme available on confirmed, payed booking.

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Eric's Books
  • Die 7 Pferde Karawane, der Traum von einem freien Leben (pdf)
  • Seven Horse Caravan, living the dream of a free life (pdf)
  • Don't shoot the messenger,
    • 9/11, the world's largest insurance fraud? (pdf)
  • Stairways to Heaven, extracts (pdf)
  • Walking Within Without, 1000 miles, my Jihad (pdf)
  • Rainbow Tribe News 2006 (pdf)
(free download, please make a donation to a good cause of your choice)
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